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Please note – to schedule a new or return appointment with a Kleinert Kutz Hand Care Center specialist, please call Central Scheduling at (502) 561-4200.

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Christine M. Kleinert Institute
225 Abraham Flexner Way, Suite 850
Louisville, KY   40202
phone: (502) 562-0310
fax: (502) 562-0326

Education Coordinator/ Fellowship Assistant
Fellowship Training
Verification Requests
Sherry Woods
502-562-0310 or

Fellowship Coordinator
Christina Beckum
502-562-0312 or

Hand Surgery Fellowship Director
Michelle Palazzo, MD

Executive Director
Christina Kaufman, PhD
502-562-0390 or

Research Manager/Transplant Coordinator
Emily Goldman
, RN
502-562-0313 or

Microlab Course & Information
email: Microlab
phone: (502) 562-0390
fax: (502) 562-0326