"The Christine M. Kleinert Institute is a nonprofit education and research organization dedicated to excellence in Education and Research in Hand and Microsurgery."

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In keeping with its educational mission, the Christine M. Kleinert Institute for Hand and Microsurgery offers a one-year fellowship for general, orthopaedic, or plastic surgeons who wish to gain greater expertise in hand and upper-extremity surgery.

The accredited and prestigious fellowship program is a cooperative effort of the Institute and the University of Louisville School of Medicine. Fellows are fully trained plastic, orthopedic or general surgeons who come to Louisville from all over the world for additional training in hand and microsurgery. To date, more than 1,200 physicians from 58 countries have served as Fellows.

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The research produced by the fellows of CMKI in collaboration with KKA surgeons assists in maintaining Kleinert Kutz’s innovative and ground-breaking reputation.

With the guidance of Dr. Kleinert and Dr. Kutz, many “firsts” have occurred at KKA and CMKI, including:

– The first bilateral hand and forearm replant

– The first successful technique for primary flexor tendon repair

– The first hand transplant in the United States

– The first successful hand transplant in the world

Current research opportunities include chart reviews on our 60,000+ patient visits per year and 11,000+ surgical cases per year.   We are in the process of implementing an EMR system which will allow much faster and more accurate review of our patient data. 

We also have several prospective clinical trials underway, anatomic studies at the Fresh Tissue Laboratory at the University of Louisville, and basic science studies underway in collaboration with the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute.    We are also in active collaboration with Dr. Scott Frey at the University of Missouri. 

Please see our link below for more information.  We are always seeking collaboration in Louisville and across the country and the world!

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We are proud of what we have accomplished.  But we are far from satisfied.  And we need your help.many hands

Research and medical education are very expensive.  Health care reform has meant that dollars are scarce. Keep in mind that many of the innovative procedures we perform are so new that they are not covered by insurance.  As such we bear the brunt of the financial load, because we don’t turn people away.

Each year we turn down deserving young surgeons from all over the world because we simply don’t have the funds to train all of the applicants who are seeking education in hand surgery.  With the availability of endowed fellowships, you could help us say YES more often.

We have so much important work to do.  We would like you to join us and be a part of our mission. We ask that you partner with us. With your financial help and support, amazing things will happen.

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