President’s Message

Message from the CMKI President

I feel extremely honored to represent the board of directors, the faculty, and the fellows of CM Kleinert Institute.
CM Kleinert Institute is a nonprofit organization that carries a legacy of hand and microsurgery research and education of over 60 years. The Institute has touched the lives of countless surgeons from all over the world, and further, impacted the lives of millions of patients served by these brilliant physicians. In more than 40 countries, our graduates advanced and contributed to the science and practice of hand surgery carrying the missions of Dr. Kleinert and Dr. Kutz.
Since its beginning, the institute paved the path for the surgeons to turn their research ideas into published and proven advances in hand surgery. With many firsts and many deeper insights in hand and upper extremity surgery, our faculty successfully sophisticated many areas in the discipline, from tendon repairs and wound coverage to hand transplantation and joint reconstruction.
The power of our institute comes from the principle set by Dr. Harold E. Kleinert, which requires the students surpass their teachers. We look forward to educating many more physicians and fostering more opportunities for the advancement of hand and upper extremity surgery.

Tuna Ozyurekoglu, MD