The Campaign for the Christine M. Kleinert Institute

A mission for excellence in education, research
and treatment of the hand and upper extremity


See where your generous hands will make a difference.



We are proud of what we have accomplished.  But we are far from satisfied.  And we need your help.

Research and medical education are very expensive.  Health care reform has meant that dollars are scarce. Keep in mind that many of the innovative procedures we perform are so new that they are not covered by insurance.  As such we bear the brunt of the financial load, because we don’t turn people away. If a person shows up with a dismembered limb, our surgeons treat them regardless of their ability to pay.  Whereas in the past resources were available to fund research projects or support an extra fellow or two in their training, now the dollars are limited. Due to Medicare reform, research dollars have dried up which has further complicated all aspects of our work.   Additional funding will allow us to address exciting research concepts. Just think how far medicine has advanced over the last 50 years by performing the miracles that we do.

With your financial help and support, amazing things will happen.

  • This year we received applications from over 60 young surgeons who want training in hand surgery, many from third world countries.  With your help we could say “yes” more often.
  • Our Institute and Hand Surgery Program require the very latest state of the art equipment. Microsurgery demands the most delicate and precise instruments.
  • We continue to perform clinical research at the highest level in order to improve the treatment of hand problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome and distal radial joint fractures, among many others.
  • Your financial support will help our bright and enthusiastic medical faculty and fellows to come up with innovative and creative research ideas such as a new treatment for hand disorders such as Dupuytren’s disease. In addition we could help the nerves grow back faster in our hand replant and transplant recipients.  New research on chronic rejection, which affects all types of transplants, can be completed.  Through this research, we will impact heart and kidney recipients, as well as leukemia patients receiving bone marrow transplants.

We have so much important work to do.  We would like you to join us and be a part of our mission. We ask that you partner with us.

We are asking that you consider a donation to the Christine M. Kleinert Institute of $10,000, or perhaps a gift of $2,000 per year for five years. Whatever you donate will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for considering our request.  If you need any other information we would be happy to provide it to you. We have enclosed some additional information which further describes our program.

Why you should lend a hand

Your gift will contribute to the causes we hold dearest. Your gift will maintain and enhance discovery, education, healing.

In addition to upholding these noble causes, your gift may offer you certain benefits:

  • Endow a Hand Surgery Fellowship in honor of a family member or cause;
  • Target your donation to support a particular project or aspect of the education of our fellows such as the Fresh Tissue Lab,  a pediatric outreach clinic, or a piece of needed equipment.  Whatever you can help with, we would be grateful.

We ask that you consider donating a gift to the Christine M. Kleinert Institute of $10,000, or perhaps a gift of $2,000 per year for five years.

Whatever you donate will be greatly appreciated.  Feel free to donate online, or contact us directly.

Lynn Hagglund



2012 Hands-On Award Dinner and fundraiser




See where your generous hands will make a difference.