Hand Transplantation with the Louisville VCA Program

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The first hand transplant in the United States was performed right here in Louisville.  A group effort between the Kleinert Kutz Hand Care Center surgeons, fellows and staff in the Christine M. Kleinert Institute, the University of Louisville and Jewish Hospital.  Initally funded by Jewish Hospital and then by awards from the Department of Defense, we are currently the largest hand transplant program in the world, with nine hand transplants in eight recipients.   Our program is the recent recipient of a $1.5 million dollar grant from the Jewish Hospital Foundation.  We are actively recuriting recipients for this clinical trial, and have funding to bring interested patients to Louisville for evaluation.    For more information contact Brenda Blair at 502-562-0313 or by email at bblair@cmki.org

Additional information is also available at www.Handtransplant.com

Two of our hand transplant recipients attended the 2012 Hands On Award Dinner honoring Dr. Tsu-Min Tsai.

From Left to Right, Dr. Savvidou, hand surgery fellow; Mr. Rickleman, our 7th hand transplant recipient; Mrs. Rickleman, Mrs. Thurman; Mr. Thurman, our 8th hand transplant recipient, and Dr. Tien, KKA Staff Surgeon

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